Ambassador Rasheda Brannon

About My Tattoos

My tattoos, are pieces of art are so precious to me. They represent feelings that I have felt that no one could ever take away from me. For starters, let’s talk about my placement! With me building my business and being so young I chose to start with only my left arm. My right side is my business side since its the hand I choose to shake with! Haha, that’s sort of an inside joke,  but also a serious thing! 

People can be SO judgmental and think they know your journey better than you. However, they dont and cant. I feel unstoppable! To soothe some people’s nerves while I work,  I’ll keep my business side ink free until I make enough to live comfortably. I’ll have enough resources in my life established so I can reject people who are judgemental towards this lifestyle.

My tattoos are a reflection of my feelings. The pain I’ve encountered, the strength that’s embedded in me, and the braveness of such a small girl in such a big world. Heartbreak, from which I suffer most from is inked all over me. I have love, laugh, live on my fingers, and love on my middle finger… I’m sure yall know what that means.  Funny thing is, I really don’t mean it lol.

 I have a sewn-up heart higher up on my arm, love is so precious. A tattoo of a lion because I have the heart of a lion, brave and courageous. Roses around my bigger pieces, because roses usually symbolize many different things such as love, respect, romance, passion, and more. I get so hard on myself sometimes that I forget my accomplishments. I also I have a picture of a girl with a mask because I keep a smile to hide the pain, the feeling of dying inside. Then there’s strength on my wrist because I have to remind myself to be strong no matter what. Positive vibes because energy is EVERYTHING!


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