Ambassador Tanesha Acevedo

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

My name is Tanesha Acevedo, and I’m a Cleveland native of Ohio. I started my tattoo journey when I was 18. Let me say it was very frowned upon in my family. Most of my family didn't have tattoos. I was into being very liberated and free-spirited despite the corporate world. I got my first one and it was like when do I get the next one? I started obsessing looking at magazines like Inked magazine and suicide girl models. There was just one problem I had with it all. They didn’t feature a lot of women of color if any.

I deeply looked at myself and my tattoos made me, even more, stand out versus the norm. I’m currently a teacher of 15 plus years and I have been told before I got the teaching degree that I wouldn’t get hired in the professional world because of my tattoos. Well, that wasn’t true at all, I have been able to have multiple teaching jobs despite my tattoos. If they ask me to cover them up, I always do the best I can. I will never regret my work of art on my body! This is my truth! My self-identity! My lifestyle! My only hope is that women of color continue to embrace their ink no matter what!


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